About Me

My name is Aidan Fraser and I was born and raised in Midcoast Maine. I am currently working out of Portland, ME in Running with Scissors Artist StudiosFocusing on self love and acceptance through exploration of the human form, I am inspired by my experience living in a woman’s body - an asymmetrical form with stretched flesh, dimples, dips, creases and folds. This type of body is one of constant scrutiny and pressure, which I choose to explore with levity. On some pieces, gold luster highlights taboo body parts like nipples, pubic hairs and scars to normalize those vulnerable areas stigmatized and censored in media. These golden areas tempt the part of us that wants to look at what we’ve been told not to in a bright and celebratory manner. Others are wood and salt fired, a technique that introduces an element of unknown and surprise, creating unplanned freckles and imbuing the pieces with textures and colors that are not dissimilar to the human body. By imitating true life and showcasing real, everyday bodies, my work innately connects with those who see themselves in it. A few steps removed from the real thing, my work encourages a shift in the viewer’s inner dialogue, helping transform the admiration they feel for the bodies in my work to admiration of their own.

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